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Welcome to Opatija, Croatia. 

Finally you’ve arrived on your dream holiday. Seven days of pure relexation and enjoyment on our beautiful shore. After a couple of days on the beach, you’ve decided it’s time for a boat trip. You see boats all the time, there are many. Always going somewhere, always driving people around. You wonder: “Where could we take it?”

On of the best things to do in Opatija is to rent a boat to the islands in front of it. Here are some of the reasons why you should also do it:

1. Wild beaches

Although the beaches are nice on the coastline, the island offer beaches that are reachable only while boating. Those are mostly empty and have untouched nature. Those can be reached only with a rent a boat.  

2. Most beautiful way to travel

While other people choose to be on the shore, sweating on the 35C+ sun, you’re on the rent a boat taking the wind in your hair and swimming when ever you’d like. Not only that but you see the bay from a perspective that can’t be beat. 

3. The fastest way to travel

In the summer season, people often choose roads as the main course of travel. That results in big crazy traffic jams in which we don’t like to be. There are no jams on the sea. The sea is open for taking with the rent a boat. 

4. Specialty

Let’s face it, the specialty of a rent a boat memory from your holiday is unbeatable. Every social media you have will be full of photos and memories.

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